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New Page


Delicious Cheesecake. Horrendous Website.

The objective is to re-brand/re-design Cheesecake Etc's website on mobile and desktop



Cheesecake Etc has Vancouver’s best Cheesecake but also Vancouver’s worst website experience


The website is not optimal for users, unable for the users to navigate with a good user experience.


A re-branding of the website.

phone template.jpg

Responsive Design

As more users browse for their favorite restaurants with their phones, it was crucial that I make a mobile friendly website.

Artboard 2.jpg

A Gallery to Showcase the Menu

Upon interviewing several foodies, I learned that the most important factor for them are the food pictures.



Upon seeing the gallery, the foodies expressed their wishes to see what’s on the menu.


More Information

Some foodies want to know about the restaurant more.


Contact Information

While the contact information is on the menu, it is also on the bottom of the page if they scroll down.


Persona: Foodies

are the persona I used because they bring business through the use of social media

Other persona suggestion:

  1. Elderly who goes for afternoon coffee to talk about politics and life

  2. People who discuss business at cafes.



Mood board

The mood I wanted to set for this is "Candlelit" because the restaurant itself is candlelit which results all the pictures found on Instagram and Yelp similar in tone

Version 1

The original prototype. Not coherent so I reduced the color palette and changed to more of a Candlelit tone.