UX/UI | Interaction Designer


About Me


Hello, I’m Amy and I’m a UX/UI Designer based in Vancouver, Canada.

My passion is mainly in Product Design where I like to identify problems in our everyday lives and come up with user-friendly solutions for those problems. I also love using story telling as a medium to invoke empathy with users.

On my spare time I like to draw and figure out ReactJS.

You can email me at: yinazhu99@gmail.com

Projects I’ve Worked on

UX/UI: Conkona
September 2018 - April 2019

  • Conkona is a platform that allows artists to apply for artist alley tables without leaving the website

  • Also a CRM and SaaS platform that allows the organizer to sort through the applications without having to email applications individually

  • Conducted primary and secondary research, user testing, iterative prototyping, wireframes of Konkona

  • Created the brand identity of the platform

  • Created the character design of the game AstroHamsters, and helped assisting with user interface.

  • Also helped developer with designing the CSS using ReactJS and Git

BC Game Jam: AstroHamsters
February 2019

Startup Hacks: 4Ship
March 2018

  • A startup focusing on combining individual online orders into a single group order to solve the “Buy over $50 for free shipping“ problem

  • Worked with creating concept ideas and designing the userflow and interface of the platform

Vancouver Startup Week Hackathon : Varbus
September 2017

  • Created the UX/UI interface for Varbus, a variable bus that changes routes based on the user location. Has no specific route

  • Learned about bootstrap and collaboration with developers on a closer level

BC Game Jam: The Last Greenhouse
February 2017

  • Created a game called The Last Greenhouse within 48 hours

  • Contributed to concept art and character design

  • Won sponsor award