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Helping Airbnb Owners manage Multiple Rooms


With the growing popularity of Airbnb, more homeowners are using this platform for business.


Problem Statement

Homeowners renting out more than one units/rooms has a hard time managing them all at once. Handling 1 unit is easy but handling 6 units at once is not as easy. Managing too many apartments at once could overwhelm the Airbnb owner.


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Upon interviewing several Airbnb Owners, I realized their biggest pain points were:

1. Not knowing when your guest has arrived or left
2. Guests abusing the use of utilities such as laundry or heating
3. Guests taking keys away causing a safety and security risk

For this user flow, I focused on the user interactions the owner has with the app.


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My main users are full time Airbnb owners who manages over 2+ suites.

I based the persona on my interviewees. What I understood was that they are not the most tech literate people and starting to get tired of moving between their 2 units because of unexpected difficulties that could be solved with a smart home devices.

Competitive Analysis

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I first conducted a competitive analysis on what other kind of applications are out on the market. I was mainly looking at smart home devices and smart locks. What I discovered is that: They are products which only target one house. This means, if you have multiple suites to manage, this would be useless.

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SWOT Analysis

Looking at problems and concerns this platform may have and how I can design around it.

Having anything digital will mean having a hackable device. How can I counter this?

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The idea behind managebnb is that the owner will be able to change the smart lock pin for every tenant.


Basic low-fidelity wireframes, emphasizing on:

1. Being notified upon using smart lock
2. Managing information by suites.

What I learned is that the user interface was confusing and could be made better. Also it required a type of dashboard that allowed the user to see all different types of information.


Exploring what kind of information should the Airbnb owner see when they look at their suite.

1. Some owners rent out different rooms within a single unit separately, so locks on separate rooms would be necessary.
2. They remember their apartment places by location and units. Not by names.
3. Owners said seeing the energy consumption of a unit is crucial for them.


Final Product

The final result has a user friendly interface to help owners see:

  1. Upcoming Appointments

  2. Energy consumption data

  3. Push notifications that will alert you when a guest has arrived

  4. Easy booking system,

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