UX/UI | Interaction Designer

HackHub: Hackathon in an App


Hackhub is an online platform for hosting Hackathons and managing teams.

My Role: I was the UX/UI Designer responsible for designing the mobile app.



Hackathons are a new way for students to network, build portfolio, gain new knowledge and have fun within a 1-3 day time span.


  1. Lack of mobile friendly experience for Hackhub.

  2. Needed a better customization for finding their ideal teams

  3. As most participants are students looking for opportunities, they need a place to submit their projects so they can show their future employers what they have made.


Helping users find their ideal hackathon and teams through a mobile experience


Find and Search Hackathon

Has all the upcoming Hackathons available for users to find


See Hackathon Details

I asked Hackathon participants what it is that they looked for when deciding which Hackathons to attend. Organized the layout based on their response.


Meet new people and find your team

Team formation is a crucial part to a hackathon. Matching people and teams together with the correct skill set is crucial.


Get Recruited

How can users remain relevant to Hackhub after the event? Well, by posting their projects on our platform, others can see what projects they have been working on, which also looks great for recruiters to check out.



Categorized Different Types of Hackathons

As a Hackathon Participant I already knew about different Hackathons out there. I decided to map the different categories and looked at where Hackhub was as a company.


3 Iterations.

Took a real hackathon information from Eventbrite and tested it out on different iterations to see which one would be better

1. I worked with participants to better organized the information
2. Put a “see more” option to click on
3. Separated information to navigation bars


User testing

I attended Startup Hacks and performed user testing on the spot, as well as observational research.

Upon presenting two versions, users said they liked the left one better because it is bigger. Some preferred an in-between.