UX/UI | Interaction Designer


I like coming up with user friendly solutions for everyday problems.

Hello, I’m Amy and I’m a UX/UI Designer based in Vancouver, Canada.

Hello, I’m Amy and I’m a UX/UI Designer based in Vancouver, Canada.

I am a…

Communicator & Storyteller

I have a passion with storytelling and clear communication. I can clearly communicate my projects and ideas through pictures and words.

Team Player

After participating in multiple hackathons and working at startups, I have collaborated with different people and teams. I can work independently also take a leadership role.


Curious Learner

I’m always eager to learn new skills and technology. I am currently working on learning React. Happy to say I was able to contribute at a game jam using React…


I am detail oriented but also looks at the whole picture.



On my free time I like to draw. Check my illustrations at minimelon99 on instagram!


CoPilot Advisor
Design Intern

Institute of Gender and Health

Design Jam Mentor


UX/UI Designer

Emily Carr University
Research Assistant

Work Experience:


September 2018- Present

BC Game Jam: AstroHamsters
February 2019

VanHacks: TMARK
September 2018

Startup Hacks: 4Ship
March 2018

Global Game Jam: Cyborg Superspy
February 2018

Vancouver Startup Week Hackathon : Varbus
September 2017

Projects and Hackathons: